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Apr 12, 2013 | Posted by | 4 comments

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  1. Pam Wallace says:

    I saw your stand up last night and thought you were funny and cute. Both of my adult children (41 & 43) have Marfan but we did not know until they were 18 & 20. Their father also found out at that time (@ 46). Good luck on the show! I am pulling for you! (because you are GOOD!!)

  2. Linda Donaldson says:

    You are a beautiful young woman and don’t ever think you look any different than any other tall skinny girl. I have been short and stocky my whole life and I have many diseases. I did not see your performance but I saw your site from a friend with EDS which I probably have also. I think I was sent down by aliens to pick up as many diseases as possible lol seriously it’s not even funny all the things wrong with my 48 year old body. I worked at a microfilm company and we m/f records from the genetics lab at the University of Florida. I had read and saw pics of peeps with Marfan Syndrome. Alot of genetic diseased peeps look like any normal person walking in a crowd and a lay person would never know. It was really nice to read your story. Your a very sweet girl and I wish you all of the luck in the world.

  3. Jonathan says:

    I was disappointed that you did not win last comic standing. I think your comedy is quirky and very witty. I also checked you out a bit on the internet (that sounds nice and creepy) but I have to say I think you are very talented and also very pretty. Hope to run into you someday and ask you out for coffee 🙂

  4. Eli Adams says:

    Andy Erikson,
    You are beautiful, and fun, and very funny! You are a warm, brilliant, sparkling, playful, presence in the universe. We all love you, and wish the very best for you! And, I can’t wait to see you again!

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