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  1. Dave says:

    Hi Andy
    Just heard that you were going to be on Last Comic Standing. That’s awesome. I heard about it through the Marfan Foundation. Myself, and two of my kids have also been diagnosed with Marfan’s. I’d say good luck, but I don’t think tonight’s is live. I hope you did great, and I can’t wait to watch. Again, good luck.

    • Mary Brie says:


      I think you’re wonderful. I can’t imagine you don’t already know this, my dear. Although you and I share a connective tissue disorder (mine is Ehlers Danlos Syndrome), we also have the same strength of mind and spirit that compensates for any genetic goof up.

      But hey, the world needs people like us to help it understand it’s not the king cheese it assumes it is. And that’s a funny thing when you think about it. Frankly, in many ways we get the joke…..and dare to throw it right back at it.

      If you ever come to Grand Rapids, MI let me know! Meantime, I’m looking forward to what you have to say and do next. You are a pioneer woman.

      God Bless You, Andy.

      • admin says:

        Mary! Yes! We can link our very long arms and stretch around the globe and just hug everything all at once! Thank you for this, I love the way you write too! are you a writer?! xoxo

  2. M says:

    Congrats!!! Great job tonight on Last Comic Standing 🙂

  3. Berta says:

    I signed up for your mailing list…filled out the pertinent info. Name…email address…when I got to “animal,” my first response was, “I’ve been called worse.”

    But I started wondering what some of the other folks put. Animals they like? Animals they want to be? Last animal they had for dinner?

    Maybe I have too much time to think…

  4. Ryan Jurgens says:

    Hi Andy–love you on Last Comic Standing! I have relatives in Andover, the Ortgeisens. Any chance you know them?
    Hope you get to central Nebraska sometime. My wife and I would love to see you live.
    Good Luck!
    Ryan and Nancy Jurgens

    • admin says:

      That last name sounds so familiar!!! I might know them! haha 🙂

      • Ryan Jurgens says:

        Had our uncle’s 90th birthday recently in Nebraska. The Ortgeisens from Andover were there. The son, Jared, said he rode the bus with you. How awesome! He said you were quiet. I can’t imagine that, ha! Hope to see you in Nebraska sometime in the near future!
        Good Luck!!!

  5. Dylan says:

    Hey Andy!

    You are a seriously unique and incredible talent! You were far and away my favorite LCS contestant and you have big things ahead.

    I really hope you release a standup CD soon because I cannot get enough of your jokes. There’s nobody out there who can tell ’em like you do.

    Keep on being the best!


  6. Sovereign Samurai says:

    You are incredibly delicious and unbelievably creative if all females were 1/10 as wonderful, we would have already had conquered the whole outer space thing. We would have to because we had long since ran out breathable space on Earth. (Cause of all the babies!!) ………Hope you find that Kawaii and not Kari——–Japanese cute and not scary…….Pikachu help!!!!

  7. Sovereign Samurai says:

    JOKE: When buying shirts: Do any males reject one “because I didn’t feel ‘The Duke’ in me while I was wearing it. Secret Unicorn,huh?! Secret?Secret? really,….with all this “press” ….oh, its a female-type secret. Okay,gotcha!!!

  8. Sovereign Samurai says:

    I wouldn’t try to short-change the creative process;especially cause you are a comedic Marlon Monroe;but I love the fact that you don’t ever really feel the need to relay on obscenity to get a laugh. I would say “cheap laugh” but we both know a lot of jokes just don’t fall off the tree like ripe fruit. Sorry,I just think you are such an adorable Comedic Monchichi!

    • Sovereign Samurai says:

      K.C may be our Boogie Man;but you are most definitely our Boogie Girl!!! Like Donna Fargo’s Song “Funny Face””You’re the happiest girl in the whole USA!!!…….and we’re grateful.

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