I’m Publishing an Ebook!

Do you love unicorns, comedy and art? Then you will love my new ebook!

This ebook is a compilation of unicorn reviews based on unicorn art created by talented artists from all over the country. The book started as the super awesome unicorn blog: unicornratings.tumblr.com if you love the blog, you will love this book, as it includes never before seen images, and bonus material not available online!

The working title is: “Finally, Unbiased Reviews of Unicorn Images.”

For a limited time it’s only $5! You should preorder here! And I will be your best friend!

And, as an extra bonus, here’s a sneak peak of the never before seen unicorn image I will be reviewing on Monday January 30th!

I post new reviews every Monday at unicornratings.tumblr.com. Thank you for reading and for your insight and feedback too!

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