I’m headlining Minnesota’s 10,000 Laughs Festival!

The 10,000 Laughs Festival is organized by comedians, for comedians and all proceeds go back into the comedy community. When you see a show at this festival, and I highly recommend that you do, you will be supporting the arts and supporting a community of comedians and performers that aims to brighten people’s lives with laughter, puns, outrageous stories and even some social commentary. And cat impressions. (Most of the cat impressions will be coming from me, but I encourage all comedians and people to be cats as much as possible.)

All of the shows have incredible lineups and feature local comedians as well as comedians from afar. See rising stars and shooting stars and starbursts which is my favorite candy, so if you would like to pay for your tickets in Starbursts that is totally cool with me. (no refunds, and also no guarantee this will work,)

I’m excited and honored to be one of the festivals headliners this year! I’ll be closing out two shows and also hanging out during and after the shows and I would love to see my Minnesota friends and family there, and if you have a cat, bring your cat! (Don’t bring your cat.) Seriously, bring your cat it’s totally allowed. (It’s probably not allowed.) Meow meow meow meow. (Meow meow meow meow.)

(Get your tickets!)

Tickets for Saturday at 8pm at Sisyphus Brewing:

Tickets for Saturday at 10pm at Sisyphus Brewing:

(Get your tickets!)

Spread the word and tell your friends, and I’ll see you on Saturday!

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