Yes, I used to be a high powered business woman

This conversation is from last year at my Mom’s office in Minnesota.


I’m working at my mom’s insurance office today:

OFFICE ANDY: I am irate! I’m just irate.

MOM: What is it Andy?

OFFICE ANDY: I need that on my desk by 4:30!

MOM: What do you need?

OFFICE ANDY: I need that on my desk by 4:30!

MOM: Andy, it’s 5:15.

OFFICE ANDY: I need something on my desk by a specific time! Just put something on my desk!

MOM: (sets a roll of tape on the desk) Here you go.

OFFICE ANDY: Good! Now, cut the tape into 15 pieces and put them into gift bags. I know how much you love gift bags!

MOM: (walks out of the room.)

OFFICE ANDY: (Deep breath) I’m sorry. I was a little irate back there. It’s just that Tuesday is our busiest day. And there are just a lot of numbers to deal with.

MOM: That’s a phone number.

OFFICE ANDY: You’re fired!

MOM: Oh, can I go home then?

OFFICE ANDY: Sorry, I got a little irate again. You’re not fired. If you’re going home, I’d like a ride.


Having a job is hard. Being the boss is harder.

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