I’m in Love with Pokemon Go!

Here are some photos and a video of what it’s like to play Pokemon Go, and what it’s like to be me 🙂

How to dress like a Pokemon Go Trainer

You gotta look the part. Hats are a must. Checkout all my sweet Gym badges.


Got my backpack on so I can hold Pokeballs and candy.


I look JUST like my avatar 🙂



And now the best part, a video of what it’s like to play Pokemon Go! Super silly and so much fun. Please watch and share and give it a like on Youtube!

Click here to watch!

Video Credits: Xchel Hernandez, Joleen Lunzer and Alex Stein


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  1. @TimKerrick says:

    It’s a lot of fun, Darcy was picking up all sorts of Pokemon when we went out Sunday. The only thing I don’t like is those 3 guys who used it as means to rob people. I’m glad they got caught.

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