New Jokes: From cat shirts to thumbs! // Nov 13th

Starbucks’s real name is actually CoffeeSucks. They just purposely misspell it when they print it on the cups.

My new cat shirt smells like cat pee… And I didn’t even have to pay extra!

What did the Joker say to Harry Potter’s uncle? Why so Sirius!

Can people with gluten allergies have purebred dogs? Because they’re pure bread.

I know what it’s like to have an entourage. If it’s like having a litter of kittens.

Here’s my impression of Paris Hilton at a hat store. “That’s hat.”

if you love someone, set them free. Abraham lincoln must have really loved slaves.

Lady Gaga is named after a babies first words. “Gaga.” But most people’s first word is actually “Daddy.” So her name could have easily been “Lady Daddy.”

I have a to do lisp: kween my woom, do wondwy, and go to the gwoshery stowe.

I like to slow down when I see a hitch hiker just to ask if they want to thumb wrestle.

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  1. Mark Grand says:

    Your joke “I have a to do lisp: kween my woom, do wondwy, and go to the gwoshery stowe. gave me a chuckle. Even though it would ruin the joke to make it factually correct, I am such a nerd that I feel compelled to point out that the speech impediment you are playing with is not a lisp (trouble with “s”), but rhotacism (trouble with “r”).

  2. Teresa says:

    Once again I liked all jokes in this collection. Don’t worry about the lisp, nobody else on the planet will care about that distinction. I adored Harry Potter world n saved my empty butter beer bottle. Keep up the good work (I do realize that true humor can be real work)

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