New Podcast Episode – Tommy Ryman!

Stuffed Animal Party is BACK! And it’s sillier than ever. On today’s episode I talk with Tommy Ryman as Pumpkin Patch Gary and we dive into the mysterious world of being a pumpkin person. It’s 5 minutes of crazy, happy, confusing fun! Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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  1. Jack Lawley says:

    Hi Andy! I just listened to Stuffed Animal Party. I enjoyed it. Funny. Sorry I took a while to listen to the episode. I just missed it going through my e-mails.
    I hope you are doing well and maybe someday you will be happy. Just kidding!
    My hair stylist has a little boy 20 months old. His name is Thomas Kyle and every time I play one of those stuffed animal scoop games at Wal-Mart, I get something for him. Teresa (his mom) says thank you and keep em coming. I have been able to get 9 so far, which includes the 2 I have here at my house. I will give him one for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas.

    Take care crazy lady. Talk to you soon.

    Your friend,


    • admin says:

      Such a cute story! Stuffed animals are the best, and your hair stylist has the luckiest boy! How did you get so good at those stuffed animal scoop games?

      Thanks for listening to my podcast too 🙂

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