My Silly Reply To A Fox News Email

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Hello Fox SNOOZE (Haha, get it?)

I’m not sure “Congratulations” are in order, I merely typed in my email address then opened an email. Perhaps this is an exciting accomplishment for your general demographic, but this was a cake walk for me. So please hold the applause.

I just wanted to inform you that I only joined the Fox SNOOZE website so I could post pictures of gay people kissing, share Obamacare success stories, and down vote the comments your racist, ignorant, uninformed readers somehow manage to type while holding a gun in one hand and a Bible in the other. Evolution must be real because your commenters miraculously evolved with the ability to type by banging their heads on a keyboard. And no, that’s not how evolution works but you wouldn’t know that because, “You’re not a scientist.”

Anyways, thanks for accepting me into a community filled with hostility, close-mindedness and a bias that YOU perpetuate and implant. I’ll be keeping track of the “liberal morons” I receive and will update you daily. You can’t unsubscribe.

Global warming is real,
Andy Erikson

PS Congratulations for getting through this entire email, and welcome to the epicenter of hockey, Korea, cream of mushroom soup, and Will Smith. You are now free to follow me on twitter @andyerikson

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