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This past summer I had the pleasure of sitting in on a very memorable podcast recording. The Alex Stein Podcast, starring Alex Stein, is a delightful, funny, and thought provoking podcast that can be enjoyed by the whole family. This particular episode is a must listen, and I would like to share it with you today.

In this episode, Alex sits down with his dad, Joe Stein up at their cabin in Northern Minnesota.

“Recently turned 60, my dad Joe Stein, joins The Alex Stein Podcast in episode 67. Along with Andy Erikson, we all have a couple of beers and talk about how proud he is of me as a son, he tells us about his special love of comedy, being in the Navy in the 70′s, and how he got kicked out of a River Bats baseball game while chaperoning.”

Here is a link to the episode:

If you have a podcast, and I’m pretty sure everybody does, I recommend including your family. I promise, these episodes will mean more to you than any celebrity guest. I can’t promise your dad will be as hilarious as Joe Stein however 😉

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