The 2009 Minnesota Vikings

Do you guys remember when Brett Favre played for the Vikings? In 2009 we were 12 and 4, winning our division. (The second year in a row.) We were one game away from the Super Bowl! Nay, we were 3 points away. We lost to the Saints in Over Time, 28-31.

Watching Brett Favre lead our team in a purple jersey was surreal! (Though I suppose if he was in a green jersey it would have been confusing.) And beating the Packers TWICE with their old friend at our helm, AND in Lambeau Field was just exciting as all hell.

I know it’s weird to reminisce over a season that didn’t end like a fairytale, but hot dang that was an entertaining year! I wouldn’t trade it for a Super Bowl ring. And I mean that sincerely.

So here’s to another year of entertaining football! And Denver, when Peyton Manning gets too old for you guys, send him our way šŸ™‚

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