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A redhead student was sent home from school for having a disruptive hair color. The girl was upset but her mom, Mrs Weasley, was outraged declaring “Not my daughter, you bitch!”

Several students were sent home, but the student with green hair tried to refute it by running her hand over her nose and then through her hair saying with a snotty voice, “It’s natural.”

In other more interesting news, a deadhead was sent home from school because he was a 58 year old man on Acid.

The high school principal who sent the redhead from school for having a disruptive hair color, declined to comment. Just then a light beam from the sun bounced off his glaringly bald head blinding 4 kindergartners and the class hamster.

An experimental artist has been creating sand “paintings” that are captivating beach goers. Critics wonder why someone would spend so much time working on something that will soon be useless. A beautiful homage to his art degree.

Critics debated what to call the medium the artist was using, but they all agreed it would soon be a watercolor.

A Texas woman allegedly stole a $4 bottle of wine so that she could go to Jail and see her boyfriend. And you thought your girlfriend was clingy.

The woman must have very low self esteem. I mean, why not grab an $8 bottle of wine?

But I suppose If you want to get arrested, and also enjoy wine, might as well kill two jailbirds with one stone.

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