A skywalker is what elderly birds use.

You don’t accept checking? What is this, women’s hockey?

To be fair, everything on video is technically “caught on tape.” So settle down news shows.

My favorite Horse Rider is Jockey Chan.

I just did a search for “food” on Yelp, and a veterinary hospital showed up.

Cigarettes travel in packs. Viruses travel in nerds.

In the desert the sand is always sandier on the other side.

You’d think there’d be way more accounts of history from a woman’s perspective, since we all keep dumb diaries.

“There’s no way I’ll be able to talk you out of this. Is there?” -A shitty way to move a plot along.

I sell defective prank items, called “The pranks on you.”

Whenever you’re playing solitaire just think to yourself, “Man I must be lonely.”


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