How to insult a graphic designer: Ask if they need help designing their personal website.

Hello Andy,

My name is Emmanuel and I am a web developer in Los Angeles. I specialize in designing websites for comedians.
Just wanted to reach out to see if you needed any assistance in revamping your website.

My response:

Hello Emmanuel,

My name is Andy Erikson and I’m a comedian as well as a graphic designer. Is there something wrong with my website? What exactly needs to be revamped? Are there really not enough vamps?

Also comedians are poor. How much are you charging? Do you design websites for homeless people too? I think you’d have better luck designing websites in LA for plastic surgeons. Or Real Housewives. Or people who do “Improv.” Or for my mom.
Basically what I’m saying is back off man.

Let me know if you want to buy a unicorn poster. And no, I don’t need help “revamping” my posters either.

Love, @andyerikson

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