I bet T-Rex is terrible at taking selfies.

“I’m up in arms!” -monkey bars.

Sports Illustrated, For People Who Can’t Read, but like to look at pictures of sports.

“Pepperoni’s make good bookmarks.” -Martha Stewart on crack.

I think unions are good for business. I love Siamese twins.

If Adam and Eve were here today and God tempted them with an apple, it wouldn’t work. They’d be all “Is it organic? I only eat organic.”

If you don’t like your own jokes nobody else will. Also sometimes even if you do, nobody else will.

A new ladder business is looking for investors. Don’t get in on the ground floor, get in on the second floor!

My bowling team name is Disaster. Because Disaster strikes.

I wish Free Willy was about cats.

I hide cereal in my toys.

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