The hill has an “i”

Is it weird that I love unicorns, but think horses are stupid?

When the Chinese write American words they use all lowercase letters, because they don’t believe in capitalism.

Paper weights sound like a good idea on paper.

If I’m in the bathroom for a long time, it’s because I’m making a vine video.

I heard our national symbol is a bald Eagle, but I checked and all the members have a full head of hair, so I’m not sure which one it is.

All of Stevie Wonder’s laundry is blind folded.

“Where my hose at?” -ghetto gardener.

A ceiling fan on its lowest setting looks like it wants to give up.

“Who’s got two thumbs?”
“This guy, who works at a thumb factory and they’re low on merchandise.”

Losing your stinger and dying is a real buzz kill.

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