Dora, The Mexican Door

It’s only okay for a man to push a woman down the stairs if she’s wearing a slinky dress.

You spelt ghost wrong, there’s an h in there, the h is silent.

Boy sandwiches are called sand wizards.

These globetrotters people mention better be giant horses. She says to herself as she types it in Google.

Before seat belts, how did we warn people that things were about to get awesome?

“There’s no ice in cream.” – A dessert coach. Or a stupid person.

Crayola better have a reddish pink crayon called “Crayon Berry.” Or they’re missing out on a huge punportunity.

I tried to have a candy dish at my house, but I keep eating all the candy before anyone can see it. That’s also why I can’t have candles.

I don’t use a leash for my seeing eye dog, because I’m collar blind.

Binoculars help you see things. Gaynoculars help you see unicorns.

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