We’re all super duper.

I make the best honey, although, sometimes it’s too sweet. Sorry that was a humble bumble brag.

Ohhhhh I thought you said gravy bong. That’d be cool though.

Poon Juice. Gross I take that back.

I always thought it was called Groundhog’s Day. Turns out it’s Groundhog Day. Interesting.

Earth: I feel so terrible about that volcano.
Therapist: It’s not your fault. Well, technically it is your “fault.”

I think I might have ADH

The funeral for my expired food will be open basket.

I’ve been performing illegal stuffed animal marriages in my house for years. Some gay, some straight, but there’s always tears and candy.

Is there an Atmosphere on Mars? Or is there just the one rap group?

You like to show slides of things up on a screen. But maybe I’m projecting.

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