Varsity Oranges.

Every zoo is a petting zoo if the security guard isn’t looking.

Only fancy people can use the phrase “simply stunning” Try using it in a sentence, you’ll feel ridiculous. These cabbages are simply stunning.

I wish they had halloween for adults called Jalloween. We could go door to door asking for spicy foods.

I don’t support huge underwater unibrows. That’s why you should donate to “Shave the whales.”

“Inside this nest is a smaller nest. And inside that nest is an even smaller nest.” – Russian nesting nests.

Have you seen the new chicken zombie TV show? The Bocking Dead.

Russian hipsters wear Vlad shirts.

I wonder what Roses smell when they wake up.

“The Lady and the Cramp.” -a coming of age romance novel for pubescent girls.

I have a hidden agenda. Item number 1: find my agenda.

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