Great Scott! Bananas!

You can’t settle down with a person who has ADHD.

“Luke, I am warm water.” Quote from Star Wars Return of the Room Temperature.

I was reading my shampoo bottle and saw that it had titles in English, with French below. The french made the product appear to be fancier. I think they should use this gimmick on other products. Like French’s Mustard.

The one skill I’m glad to have learned from my schooling as a graphic designer, is photoshop. I win a lot of arguments. My friend thought cheese whiz came in a jar, but I said it was in a tall can. I went home and saw that I was wrong, but only had to photoshop the words “cheese whiz” onto the tall bottle. Bam I was right. In case anybody asks, the Statue of Liberty does have a tattoo of a Cuban riding a dolphin on her ankle. If they don’t believe you I have the photo to prove it.

“The hunchback of Notre Daaamn girl.” – Pickup line to use on a girl with scoliosis.

A “terrorist” sounds like the made up eccentric title of someone who got a promotion at a haunted house.

“I see a lot of myself in you, mirror” -a mirror talking to his protege mirror.

I think the coolest creature on Earth is the caterpillar. How awesome would it be to go to bed one day, and wake up with the ability to fly? You also get to eat as much as you want and get as fat as you can. Then you get to sleep for as long as you want, and bam. Superpowers.

Is it okay to eat lunch meats for dinner? I just don’t want to go to meat jail.

I think it would have made way more sense to have “The Jetsons” themed vitamins. But I guess a stone aged theme works because the Flintstone’s vitamins taste like fossilized dinosaur tears.

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