comedy joke time!

When I was your age a candy bar was a nickel! Yeah, and a computer was $400,000. Shut up grandma.

A lot of people don’t know this, but the actual line in Casablanca was, “Here’s looking at you, baby goat. Now put this vest on.”

I don’t know why they even have a book department at Wal-mart.

I’m getting my body ready for snow suit season.

I’m not normally into old dudes, but Gandalf, I’d go gray for you.

My favorite robot is the smorgasbord.

The only thing I know about cars is that they have shark plugs.

If only the song went: “Don’t go chasing the river card.” It would be my poker anthem.

I feel like gyms shouldn’t have parking lots.

The makers of Sudafed probably have mixed feelings about the war on meth. Sure meth is bad… But profits.

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