If I was a lego person, I’d carry around my mustache head just in case.

To solve the mystery of why my hair was so tangled, I hired Sherlock Combs.

I asked for a unicorn and my parents bought me a dog with a party hat on it’s head.

I asked a vampire how he wanted his steak, and he said, “Not wooden, and not jammed into my heart area.”

“The Jig is up.” – Will Smith’s tomb stone.

I sleep on my stomach. So I can pretend my blanket is a giant cape.

The average vocabulary is five… wombulldingles

I drew eyes on all my socks so when my mom does my laundry she thinks I really love sock puppets.

When people get trapped on a dessert island, I don’t understand why they resort to cannibalism, when there’s ice cream and brownies everywhere.

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