Thanks for reading my jokes friends! Here’s some more… <3

The Bill of Rights is so important. Without the 2nd amendment, bears wouldn’t have arms. 

Bigfoot has to exist. Because I know Smallfoot does. Midgets.

Why does it feel like the devil tricks me into listening to Christian music? 

Trendy terrorists shop at Turban Outfitters.

I’m taking an acting class. Just kidding I’m not. But you believed me, didn’t you.

Computer geeks go to concerts, jump onstage, and crowd source.

Fats Domino has a lot of bandwidth.

Hobos are like Train Pirates. Complete with missing appendages, eye patches and shoulder pets.

My friend told me a really boring storing about how he found 20 dollars. And then he found 20 dollars.

From now on all references to cat accessories will be capitalized. <- Why women shouldn’t be president.

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