Squirting someone with a spray bottle isn’t illegal.

Teachers say it’s stupid to leave an answer blank on a fill in the blank test. But i’m pretty sure you’d think i was more stupid if you knew that i thought the capital of Cuba was Cuba Gooding Jr.

I like creating events on my cell phone. Today i created an event called “stuffed animal party” and i said it was a recurring event. My phone asked me when the event was scheduled to end, and i put “never.” so now every day at 6pm, i get an alert that reminds me, “Hey, it’s time for a stuffed animal party.” and that’s just awesome. 

One time a concert orchestra got into a huge fight, and I got to yell “Violins is never the answer!”

I wish my middle name was “But You Can Call Me Doctor” so when people ask what my name is I can say Andy But You Can Call Me Doctor Erikson.

Substitute teachers are the best! Unless you’re home schooled. Then in that case, it’s probably just your drunk uncle Scrappy who insists on secret field trips to the War Zoo and Museum. (aka the VFW)

Men’s softball? Are you for real? I didn’t know you could have an entire team of catchers.

Anytime i scratch something i pretend it’s a lottery game. Especially chicken pox.

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