Just Keep Swimming.

I was on the swim team in high school, which was fun, but kind of embarrassing, because I was the only person on the swim team, in the entire state of Minnesota who had to wear a life jacket. It was this whole big ordeal. Maybe you heard about it. We had to petition the school activities board so I could be allowed to participate in swim meets. I’m pretty sure you’re all thinking that I would have an unfair advantage, turns out I didn’t even have a fair advantage. 

They did finally let me compete. I uh, did the backstroke, made it about 25 feet, got tired and just floated there on my back. Finally somebody had to jump in and drag me out of the water. 

The really embarrassing part though was that I got interviewed by the school newspaper. A student reporter came up to me and asked if I would say some things for the school paper, and so I just started talking about the crossword puzzles, because those are the best. 

i remember saying “Oh, the school paper! i love the school paper. Those crossword puzzles are fun, don’t you think? They can be really challenging to the mind ya know, I’m working on a crossword puzzle right now and I am mentally challenged.” 

The reporter ended the interview right there, he said he had enough for the article, and the next day on the front page of our school newspaper there was a picture of me floating in the water with my life jacket on and a quote that said “I am mentally challenged.” a heartwarming story about a mentally challenged girl who joined the swim team. 

Yep. That was me…

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