I love making friendship bracelets, but it can get kind of depressing, because right now I don’t technically have any friends… who have arms. I mean, yeah, I have friends, I’m not a total loser you guys. But right now most of my friends are birds. And they don’t have arms, just wings, so they can’t wear bracelets, and it’s quite unfortunate. And I know what you’re thinking, and yes, I know that birds have ankles, but friendship anklets are just tacky it just screams “acquaintance.” ya know.

So yeah, This is my friend Randy. I met him in a Burger King parking lot. We both like to eat crumbs off the ground, so we hit it off right away. And by hit it off, I mean I accidentally hit him with my car. Don’t worry he’s fine. I think it’s better anyways now that he’s paralyzed from the neck down. That way he can’t leave me. 

Anyways, I might have to start making friendship leashes… cat’s and squirrels would be neat friends, and they love leashes.

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