If only parrots could lather and rinse.

joint custody would be way easier if it were actually a joint. People love sharing joints.

My cat’s so fat i look at her and i just start laughing. 

i don’t like fishing. The last time i went, a musky stole my password and changed my facebook status to “bubble bubble fatties fatties fatties.”

i walk with two canes just to make my legs jealous. 

i have big hands, so people often ask if i play the piano. It gets annoying, so instead i tell them my big hands make me really good at strangling people.

Looking back, giving a speech in school wasn’t so bad. It’s way easier than doing stand-up. The only heckler was a pencil sharpener, the teacher was the only elderly person in the audience, and back then, nobody looked to the asian kid after you made fun of ninjas. It was great. 

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