kitties in space! The future is meow!

When you’re high, anything is possible! Except counting things… I get bored after 2.

You might drive a car, but I drive a hard bargain. Now I’ll give you 14 waffles for that car.

I drive a Hummer and everybody freaks out. But Jason from the Power Rangers DRIVES A GIANT ROBITIC TYRANNOSAURUS REX and nobody says a thing

A Power Ranger protects people and drives a dinosaur. A Power Stranger pees on people and thinks he’s a dinosaur.

i had a fight with my alphabet soup today. I was like “You’re putting words in my mouth!”

Homeless people are the squirrels of the animal world.

People who make generalizations are hypocrites.

Super Heros don’t use credit cards because identity theft sucks, but “secret identity” theft is way worse. Because you can’t tell anybody

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