let’s hang a tire swing from the branches of the government!

i like to go to the doctor and ask if i can jump on the bed, and if they can write me a prescription for bounce town! And Vicodin.

I like how some fun size candy has places where you can write in a TO and FROM. I write that the candy was from a stranger. Cuz i’m a rebel.

My cat tore up my curious george doll! I guess sometimes the cat kills curiosity.

whenever i run over a cute guy with my car, my horn goes “hunk! hunk!”

One Fish Two Fish Three Fish Four Fish Five Fish Six Fish Seven Fish Eight Fish Nine Fish Ten Fish Eleven Fish #lessInterestingBooks

The Amish and Penguins have a lot of things in common. They both can’t fly, and they love tap dancing.

When I get high I draw pictures of unicorns on my money. That way when I spend it I can whisper encouragingly “Fly free magical friend.”

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