I like to hit puppets. Especially sock puppets.

I like eating at restaurants after big floods, because everything is on the house.

I tried working in advertising for a while, but the best i could come up with was: Jesus saves. Big money at Menards!

“Killer bees” sounds like a compliment. But it’s frikken not.

My table must be a super pirate. All of it’s legs are peg legs.

Someone kidnapped the hamburglar last night! Yes, there is a hamburglar burglar on the loose. Which is pretty fun to say. Hamburglar burglar.

For once i wish i could get drunk and just eat a bunch of peas, instead of waking up in someone else’s pee.

YOU CAN’T TAKE THE SKY FROM ME! If you don’t get that reference you’re part of the alliance. 

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