If there’s a fork in the road, then you should stop cooking it, because its done.

If you know a lot about glue you’re a glueru.

Alaska has a cold. I hope it’s not contiguous.

Actually, nine ate seven, if you’re a space shuttle about to be launched.

i got my Tetris shot today. hopefully now i’ll be immune to falling bricks and russian sounding plinky music.

Fact: Most fish live in doctor’s offices. Fact: Most fish don’t even have medical insurance.

Whenever I hear birds chirping I assume they’re talking about me. Just like mexicans. But guess what birds, yo squaky a chirpito birdito.

if you want someone to stop saying puns. just yell puncle.

Technically spoons are the same size when they “spoon” so it shouldn’t be big spoon little spoon… it should be OUTSIDE spoon and NEEDY GIRLFRIEND spoon.

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