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The helicopters keep chopping my mushroom trees! Or I’m on mushrooms and that’s just a ceiling fan.

Weather forecast: a well dressed gay giant is attacking the Midwest. Beware of arm movements and large H’s and L’s.

I had a weird day. The only way it could have been weirder is if my whole family got turned into gerbils, and I accidentally dressed my brother gerbil in girls clothes and it turned out he liked it. So now I have a gerbil that might not be able to join the army.

I don’t know if it’s duck duck goose, or duck duck gray duck. So I just play duck duck gray goose, and get wasted and run around in circles.

Don’t knock it till you try it. Unless you’re at a strangers front door. Then first knock it, maybe a few times, and try it only if you are sure they won’t mind.

My mom went to a seminar called “voices of conservative women” and I was like, what does that sound like “raaawr!! Kaw kaw!! Reeeeh kaw!! Christmas sweaters!”

Sometimes I feel like my life is a prequel to the show “House.” ya know It’s just like “Apartment…”

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