i ate something that was orange. vitamin C… check.

A pick up line for me: did it hurt when you fell, just a second ago, on that piece of big rug and then tried to stand up and you hit your head on that guys big elbow?

If hungary could attack any country, it would attack turkey. Next it would attack Vietnom nom nom.

i can’t solve a rubix cube, but i put a bunch of them in my drink and it didn’t get colder. so who’s the loser now.

instead of saying “that’s so gay,” I’ve switched to saying, “that’s so gray.” But then all the old people got mad because they’re like “hey, we’re gray.”

I hate English class, I was always like “when are we EVER going to need this.” And my teacher was all like “One day you might be held up at gun point and somebody will ask, ‘are you a Mexican? You better not be a Mexican!’” – a quote from an Arizona Middle School

I like to go out to the mountain range, to shoot mountains

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