it’s a fountain of youth, not a bubbler, you stupid wisconsin person.

Infringement, how can you copyright infringement?

Conversation starter with a potato wrapped in tinfoil “so, did you lil fellas just get done running a marathon?

I think shelvery is more dead then chivalry.

The White House is like a comedy condo for presidents. Obama: “Where are all the couch cushions? frikken Bush and his forts…”

I’m just glad squirrels aren’t shiny

I put a horn on my bike, then yelled, “My bike is a unicorn!”

If Al Franken married Alex Stein, his name would be Franken-Stein

What would you rather have, growing pains, or window panes? Well it depends if you’re a house or not.

How to tell if you are a house: do you have a basement? are your hands actually bricks and wood? Does your neighbor have people living inside of it? Hmm, you might be a house.

Did you recently realize that you are a house? Here are some common phrases you should learn: The lady with the good pies lives kitty-corner. I’m not a popular doctor Tv Show so stop watching me. My white picket fence isn’t protesting anything except sneaky Mexicans.

Ohhhh, you were talking about pianos. That makes sense. I was like. who would pay a thousand dollars for a baby. 

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