NEWS JUST IN! is just posting my jokes jarring? (a real facebook convo)

Adam: Hey Andy. saw the new website. May I critique it a little. Not like in NEWSWEEK or anything. just in this chat window. Just posting your jokes is kind of jarring. It works against your style of continual forward momentum to just have them all in a big ol’ list. Go for more of your longer stuff, essays, or photo essays, or anything else. Have a good day you seem to be elsewhere!
Me: lol well i’ve been posting jokes in one liner form for over 5 years
it’s how i get them out there. the longer stuff is fun for people to read but hard for me to get material out of. so i’ll probably keep doing both
Adam: oh. use twitter. that’s like made for that
Me: Twitter is constantly changing
Adam: I made mine so it’s a direct facebook feed. when people “LIke” one of my tweets I star it or something and put it in the ol’ act
Me: You may not like the jokes like that, but that’s how my act is too. i tell non-sequiturs. one right after another. With no real flow of momentum. have you seen my act? Thanks for your opinion though. if you don’t want to read my jokes one after another you can skip those ones.
Adam: Form is function. is really shitty. it only displays one joke per page. you have to keep clicking for continual humor
Me: i don’t post one joke at a time… i post them all in a row. I do my blog just like how George Carlin does in his books.
Me: he writes stories then intermits them with pages of one liners
Adam: Also Website advice from a guy who got popular in the 70’s. Eh.
Me: i don’t think he had a website…
Adam: Make it a Treat Sarah Silverman always says. I like one-liners on paper because I can star, circle, append, X-out
Me: my jokes are treats.
Adam: It is singular. don’t mess, my mom’s a librarian and my dad’s a liberian
Me: and if you get jarred by them, maybe you have a disorder
Adam: My disorder is not relevant. Although I do wish I had MPD so I could tickle myself and watch myself tickle myself
Me: hmm. is that a joke?
Adam: yup. I have ADD
Me: kind of jarring
Adam: Hence the name. Maybe you have a disorder
Me: i do
Adam: and if you get jarred by them, maybe you have a disorder. I think we are dancing around eachother here a little. But it was nice to talk to you. I’m gonna grab a snack
Me: have a good snack. (it was annoying talking to you. i said this part to myself.)

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