Why I’m unemployed

When I went looking for a job, I only took applications from company’s that specialized in sandwiches. (ie, subway, jimmy johns, etc. (etc. isn’t a type of sandwich place btw.))

I didn’t fill out or turn in any applications though. I think making sandwiches for strangers is demeaning. Make your own sandwich you whores. 

However, I did spend a lot of time drawing pictures to go along with every application, knowing this would separate me from my competition. But JUST turning in a picture with a blank application, merely separated me as probably retarded, but it did qualify me as a potential winner of a coloring contest. And since I’m a graphic designer, I’m guaranteed to win. So now for a job I just enter coloring contests. One time I won a coloring book and 10 dollars. 

Another time I thought it was a coloring contest but it was really one of those donate a dollar things that you can color and turn in, and then they hang it on the wall or whatever. Which is pretty sketchy… But I’m still at a net gain of 9 dollars.

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