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The whole “tricking kids with candy and shoving ‘em in your van” thing is getting kind of old. i think it would be way more interesting to hear about a bunch of little kids hijacking an unmarked white van and using it to drive to the dentist. 

Dogs hate playing tic tac toe. Most of the time its a cats game.

We should train down syndrome kids to be environmentalists. Down syndrome kids would make really good tree huggers. Because they love hugs so much. 

When i’m on buses i like to yell, “Bus driver, let’s kick this baby into HYPER-drive!” and then i eat 13 or 14 pixie sticks and make a vroom sound.

Sometimes people tell me that I’m dumber than a door knob. But a doorknob doesn’t have the same sense of wonderment that I have!

Zebra cakes barely resemble the stripe pattern on a zebra. They should be called, “little debbie is a liar” snacks.

Why aren’t there bowl holders or plate holders in vehicles. Stupid cups taking all the glory. damn you cups.

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